Cruispy frog with garlic and toast95 CZK
Caprese - mozzarella with tomatoes and basil89 CZK


Ore Mountains garlic soup48 CZK
Beef potage with liver dumplings 48 CZK
Homemade soup (see daily offer)45 CZK

Vegetarian meals

Fried cheese105 CZK
Fried camembert110 CZK
Fried mushrooms99 CZK

Dishes for children

Grilled chicken schnitzel, boiled potatos89 CZK
Fried chicken chnitzel, French Fries89 CZK
Spaghetti Bolognese79 CZK

Specialties of Hotel Berghof

Brochette Berghof (spit roasted pork meat, ham, cheese), Arabic potatoes189 CZK
Roe deer meat with rosehip dip with fried potatos, bacon199 CZK
Home-made burger, French Fries179 CZK

Czech cousine

Grilled pork knee, cabbage, dumplings, horseradish, mustard, bread289 CZK
Roasted duck with sauerkraut, Bohemian dumplings195 CZK
Gulash with Bohemiam dumplings139 CZK
Gulash Berghof Special (Blue chesse and potato pancake)159 CZK
Roasted pork, sauerkraut, Bohemiam dumplings 139 CZK
Filled dumplings with smoked meat, cabbage129 CZK


Sirloin steak „Wienna“ with fried onion rings179 CZK
Sirloin steak with pepper sauce and friend onion rings199 CZK


Wiener Schnitzel130 CZK
Grilled steak on green beans165 CZK
Spicy Mexican wok /spack, beans, baked rib/155 CZK
Barbecue pork live130 CZK


Fried chicken schnitzel130 CZK
Fried chicken pieces, salad with tzatziki155 CZK
Tortilla stuffed with meat and vegetables149 CZK

Fish and fish specialities

Trout with melted herb butter, grilled vegetables159 CZK
Trout "Miller style" with onion and garlic169 CZK
Fried fish fillets with butter129 CZK


Tomato salad with horseradish dressing69 CZK
Spicy cabbage salad55 CZK
Mixed vegetable salad65 CZK
Mixed vegetable salad with blue cheese75 CZK

Beer and wine specialities

Peanuts35 CZK
Salz rods35 CZK
Chips40 CZK


Pancake with jam and whipped cream69 CZK
Pancake with blueberries and whipped cream89 CZK
Pancake with ice cream and whipped cream99 CZK
Hot waffle with hot Fruits and whipped cream75 CZK
Ice cream with fruit and whipped cream95 CZK
Ice cream cup for the smallest YETI60 CZK
Hot berries with ice cream and whipped cream89 CZK
Apple strudel with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream65 CZK
Daily dessert offer45 CZK
Scoop of ice cream23 CZK


Bohemian dumplings40 CZK
Boiled potatoes35 CZK
Fried potatoes40 CZK
Mashed potatoes45 CZK
Garlic potatoes45 CZK
Croquettes40 CZK
French fries40 CZK
American potatoes40 CZK
Rice35 CZK
Potato pancakes 4 pcs65 CZK
Grilled vegetables70 CZK
Green beans with bacon65 CZK
Cabbage30 CZK
Basket of Bread15 CZK